Vision & Mission

Star Silicone holds the business philosophy of honesty, specialty, and innovation. We have predominant technical standards, strict production control, and consummate selling services. We remain in close contact with our customers at any time or place, offering them required technical support, and we are constantly expanding the international market and business. Meanwhile, we constantly provide high-performance customer services, so as to realize a win-win situation.

By virtue of a superior combination of technology, product supply, technical support, competitive pricing and customer orientation, Star Silicone is able to fulfill even the most complicated needs of its customers.



To be widely acknowledged as an independent supplier and customer oriented innovator, with a focus on flexibility and quality.


Put the customer first and be flexible in both service and product solutions. Focus on R&D, technical support, unique customized products. Provide excellent and reliable products and first-rate
service all over the world.